23rd August 2007
We have a four new designs from Isabelle Mazabraud of Reflets de Soie. These are old reproduction samplers from the designer's personal collection, English as well as French, and well worth a look if you are after something a bit unusual.

16th August 2007
We are clearing out our small remaining stock of Au Fil des RÍves kits and charts which have all been reduced to half price. Since this designer ceased trading at the beginning of this year, this is an opportuny to acquire some designs which are no longer available.

9th August 2007
We have a new design from Virginie Goussť of C Mon Monde - C'est le matin, a four part chart inspired by picking flowers as a child in her Grandfather's garden.

We also have two new designs from Wal d'Champs

21st July 2007
All Tournicoton charts and kits are now back in stock!

3rd July 2007
There are another two new designs from Pelin Tezer which she calls "Show Pictures".   Have a look to see why!

Also we are reducing prices on many of Pelin's charts to bring them into line the designer's own prices, which are set in US$.

2nd July 2007
Lady Periphaeria has launched 3 new designs which have now been added to our Periphaeria Designs page.   There are two more needlerolls, one of which is no. 2 in the Ring of Roses series, and also the oddly named Beescornu, which is in fact a pincushion, though you can finish it as a biscornu etc. if you wish.

9th June 2007
A new design from Tournicoton is now in stock: Bourse Suzani (Suzani bag), a companion to La BoÓte de Suzani.   Because there is no English translation of finishing instructions and special stitches available for this from the designer, we are supplying our own, exclusively to Holliestitch customers.

8th June 2007
We have a introduced a Gallery Page featuring finished stitched designs submitted by customers.

At the moment we have just the one: Long Dog's Plight of Fancy, kindly sent in by Kay Jones from Torrington in Devon, who has used Vicky Clayton silks and made available her conversion from the original DMC colours too if anyone would like it.

If you have a finished design bought from Holliestitch and would like to send us a photo, we would be delighted to add it to the Gallery.   Please include any information you think would be of interest to other stitchers.

7th June 2007
We have added Julia Line's two latest designs - Jardin de Plaisir and Opus 1 to our Long Dog Samplers page and also now have all Long Dog charts back in stock.

Pelin Tezer has added two new designs to her range.

27th May 2007
We have updated our Links page to add a link to the online magazine "The Gift of Stitching" and also a button in support of the missing BBC reporter Alan Johnston.

20th May 2007
Pelin Tezer, is adding more designs to her range from time to time, including another today.   If you have not seen her page recently, please take a look!

We also have a sale on at the moment of Beardie Designs charts.

2nd May 2007
We are launching another new French designer today: C Mon Monde, run by Virginie Goussť, who creates a varied selection of sewing accessories and charts.

1st May 2007
Lady P of Periphaeria Designs, has launched 4 new designs including her first needleroll.   More information is available on her new website here.

9th April 2007
We are pleased to launch another new designer: Periphaeria Designs, specialising in biscornus.   Charts are supplied as pdf files by email, thus enabling us to keep the price down and send your design to you more quickly.

3rd April 2007
We have 5 new designs from Pelin Tezer available as very reasonably priced pdf files.

25th March 2007
We have three new Tournicoton designs.   Petite Pause is for a brooch or pinkeeper, La BoÓte Suzani has charts for tin topper, stitched insert and scissors fob and C'est un secret has charts for two tin toppers.   Tins are included!

23rd February 2007
All our Long Dog Samplers designs are now back in stock and we also now have Julia Line's latest chart: St Reatham.

8th February 2007
We now have yet another new designer selling pdf files: Wal d'Champs from Brasil.

We have also discontinued Bleu de Chine, having now sold out of all charts and kits.

4th February 2007
We have learnt that Au Fil des RÍves has sadly ceased trading and we will therefore eventually be phasing out this designer.   We still have a few of Sylvie Tonnelier's designs left, so if you are interested in any of these, please be aware that this may be a final opportunity to obtain them while stocks last.